Exciting Day!

Lots of exciting things starting to pick up for me. I was able to reconnect with an old friend involved with Adaptive Canoe Paddling, Pure Light Racing, and am looking forward to checking it out this upcoming weekend. I’m excited to connect with peers and see the kinds of things they are up to as well. Also looking forward to getting back involved with AccesSurf, a program for people with disabilities, and getting them back in the water for surfing adventures. I’ve participated in the past but its been a while since I’ve surfed. Super stoked!

I had a fun time in Sports Authority taking advantage of the Presidents Day sales while I geared up for my upcoming water adventures. While there a clerk cracked me up when I asked if they carried the type of Adidas I was wearing. Without missing a beat they said, “we’re out of SuperStars”. The friend I was with cracked up too and told me, “Wow Damon, you’re a Super Star and you wear SuperStar’s?” Haha!! Shenanigans!!

I also had a great meeting about housing opportunities and how I have been hand selected to pilot and pioneer a brand new program. Housing as well as job placement are integrated. The program works with landlords so the housing is better. And the job placement is essential for making ends meet. This program isn’t usually available to disabled recipients and I would be paving the way for future potential clients. Very exciting!


About DamonBoiser

My name is Damon Boiser I'm an Extreme Athlete for Mogo Wheelchairs. In 2003 I was injured in a diving accident in Hawaii. I'm an SCI wheelchair user. I've never lost sight of the funnier side of life and always maintain an upbeat charge 'em attitude. I've found joy in surfing and swimming, as well as martial arts. I created the tournament division in the Karate in Hawaii and took gold. I've also discovered the exhilarating sport of skydiving and am completely hooked! I enjoy rappelling too. Anything extreme I'll give it a go! Drive and passion for life inspires us to continue to push our boundaries. Anything is possible.. Aloha

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