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Rehab Peer Counseling and Dime to Chi

I had the wonderful opportunity today to go a meet a few SCI individuals at Rehab and offer peer support. It has been ten years since my own stay at Rehab and many memories came rushing back of my first few months of being newly injured. The group I got to meet looked great! They were very curious about life post rehab once reintegrated into the society and also shared their concerns. I offered my own experiences and the ways that I’ve transitioned into my own injury. It was a great experience and I look forward to going back and furthering our relationships.

I also had the wonderful opportunity to help out someone recently who happens to be a hero of my own. Chi Cheng of the band Deftones was injured a few years ago as well and is still on his path to recovery. I happen to have the chance meeting with his parents and sisters while they were on vacation in the late nineties in Kailua Kona, HI. Over the years I’ve kept in touch with Chi’s mom, Jeanne. Being a successful musician also equates to having to foot the bill for medical costs. I really wanted to help in some way but didn’t have the means. Then I thought of a really special guitar I have. Its an autographed Dimebag Darrell and I wanted to give it to Chi so he could auction it off. I’m so thankful to Jeanne for the opportunity to help. I hope a bit of aloha can help Chi. He’s so blessed and lucky to have such an amazing family. One Love for Chi!


Shipping Dime to Chi..


Surf Day

IMAG1247I had an amazing day at AccesSurf, a non-prophit organization that  empowers people with disabilities by providing adaptive surfing instruction and therapeutic educational programs on water recreation and enriches lives by helping families to access the beach and ocean in a barrier free environment. The beach day is held every first Saturday of the month at White Plains Beach, Kalaeloa HI.

I was able to get in the water and swim for a bit with the help of a beach wheelchair and friendly volunteers. There were small waves making the ocean a little choppy but it felt great being in the ocean again. I haven’t been swimming in the ocean for a few years and have mostly been swimming in pools. After swimming I transferred back into the beach wheelchair with large balloon tires for negotiating the sand and was helped back to the tents to get a surfboard.

I paired up with a volunteer and we paddled out together. It felt great to catch a few waves, something I always miss. Growing up here in Hawaii I’ve surfed most every day of my life until my accident. I caught a few waves from the outside all the way to shore then went in to take a break. After getting some food and drinks I paddled back out for a couple more waves before heading back home.

It was such a great day meeting wonderful people and hanging out with friends. I’m looking forward to next months first Saturday event! Aloha


Too Fast Too Furious Baby!

A friend let me check out their truck today. It felt great to get behind the wheel again. Unfortunately the truck was not equipped with hand controls so no rubber was burnt lol. The truck was perfect height and the transfer was very easy. The cab was tight for my legs, I’m 5’10. It was my first time to transfer in on the drivers side and let me tell you, having the steering wheel to lift up on made the transfer so much easier. The steering wheel helps hold your legs too for leaning out to break down your chair. Just watch out for that horn đŸ™‚


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