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I don’t always drink Dos Equis but when I do, I skydive and land in my Quickie GT chair!

Woke up today to an awesome email from Sunrise Medical, manufacturers of Quickie Wheelchairs. I recently approached Sunrise Medical to express how much I love my Quickie Ultralight GT chair and I shared video of Skydiving and landing directly in my GT. I originally contacted to ask for a free Quickie T-Shirt to show some love for the company, but I also mentioned how I noticed many of their chairs were tricked out with high performance Spinergy wheels and how I really wanted a pair for myself (See Spinergy link for explanation of technology).

I was directed to their Propel Donation Program. This is a program that Sunrise Medical set up to ensure that their innovative products are available to those who may not have the traditional means such as insurance or funding for securing such items. Despite the fact that Spinergy wheels are made by a separate company, Sunrise Medical went above and beyond and is sending me out a pair of the wheels.

What an amazing company Sunrise Medical is. Improving peoples lives is their mission statement, and I can testify to that. Aloha

Spinergy LX - Black cause I'm like Johnny Cash baby!

Spinergy LX – Black cause I’m like Johnny Cash baby!


Weighing Yourself for Manual Wheelchair User

Wheelchair users all know that weighing oneself can be a difficult task. Especially if you’re paralyzed like myself. Theres a few options to getting weighed. One is with a hoyer lift equipped with a scale, or a hospital bed that has a scale. Most individuals weigh themselves with a roll-on scale, where one wheels oneself onto a scale large enough to accommodate your chair. You can usually find a roll-on scale at hospital’s or rehab clinic’s. To get an accurate weight measurement tho, you’ll  need to subtract the weight of your chair. To this I have a clever trick a friend taught me.

First you need to get out of your chair and have a scale handy. Using a regular home scale tip your manual chair forward up on its pedestal. Leave everything on the chair that you normally carry, ie cushion, bag, etc. Now you’ll have the exact weight to subtract from the total weight when you use a roll-on scale.

IMAG1492Sorry my picture came out blurry. I found out my Quickie GT Ultralight wheelchair that’s spec’d out at 20.5 lbs, actually weighed in at 33 lbs with everything on. So you’ll find out that you may weigh less than you thought! Aloha

Awesome past few days!

IMAG1437Just a quick update, been a few since I wrote last.. Had an amazing past few days. Took my chair down to the beach to do some maintenance and wound up working out with my chair too.. Hey in Hawaii we don’t just lift engine parts, we lift wheelchairs too! Haha.

I also had some really good home cooked Mexican food at a dinner party. Had a great time meeting new friends.

922626_569367453097198_890905420_oI’ve also been looking for a new job and started going on interviews. Had a really good interview this morning and looking forward to more very soon. I gotta make that paper to get some much needed adaptive sports equipment! Aloha

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