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Green Belt Shotokan

I had a great Hawaiian Shotokan Karate-Do training session today. We practiced Heian Nidan and Heian Sandan kata. We also worked on kumute 1 & 2. I was promoted to Green Belt and allowed to close the class with the rest of sensei. I have such amazing sensei that collaborate with me and continually find new and exciting ways to adapt the art. Hard work pays off!



Green Belt


Deftones Concert in Hawaii!!

Last nights Deftones concert at The Republik in Honolulu was amazing! It my first time seeing them play live. The event was packed and I was right up front. Right off the bat during the opening act, a guy came flying backwards out of the mosh pit at me. I unlocked my brakes to absorb the impact and lowered my shoulder and took a shot! It was awesome. The security at the event were very cool too. They gave me VIP treatment by shielding guys away from me and even taking my phone back stage for a couple photos. Very cool braddah’s! I moshed out and head banged so hard my neck and back were sore afterwards. The Deftones played a great set playing new songs as well as the older tunes. Such a great night!

Deftones in Honolulu 2013

Deftones in Honolulu 2013

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