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Mogo Team Rider

I have the amazing honor and privilege to announce that I am now riding for Mogo Wheelchairs. They are an amazing custom shop in Australia. I’ve admired their chairs for some time now. I had the most exciting call with owner Leon Callahan. We talked ideas and my future plans, and also concepts for my custom Team chair. I’m so excited to ride for Mogo and especially to establish an international connection. Disabilities are global and I’m excited to connect with the world. Thank you Mogo for your consideration and this amazing opportunity!! — After speaking, Leon shot me a potential logo for my signature chair and asked me to share my wildest ideas I’d like to see in a chair! Such an amazing company!

Damon Logo 


First Wheelchair Karate Entry in Hawaii

Todays Shotokan Karate-Do Goodwill tournament was such a success. I was the first wheelchair entry ever in Hawaii. At first the judges weren’t sure if I could enter but after sensei talked with them they allowed me to demonstrate. I took first place in Kata. The president of the federation was very impressed and will be creating a designated division to wheelchair entries this next year. For my demonstration of Heian Nidan kata they cleared the entire gym floor. I was very well received, the audience watched so close you could hear a pin drop and cheered for an extended period afterwards. Judges, sensei, and tournament goers came up throughout the day to congratulate and thank myself and senseis for the demonstration. It is very cool to be a part of pioneering ADA opportunities for tomorrow. I cannot thank my sensei and Hawaiian Shotokan Karate-Do Federation dojo enough. We have such an amazing team!

Shotokan Tournament

Sunrise Medical Propel Donation

Sunrise Medical the manufactures of my Quickie wheelchair gave me a set of Spinergy LX wheels and Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires with all parts needed for installation through their Propel Donation Program. Through this program, they will donate innovative Sunrise products to a selected user or users on a quarterly basis as determined by a review team.

I absolutely love my new wheels and instantly noticed how much easier pushing has gotten with these high performance parts. The Spinergy wheels have carbon fiber spokes and are very lightweight. The spokes compress on the downward rotation and expand on the upward rotation causing the wheels to “spring forward” and assist with the push. The Schwalbe tires are 1 inch street tread and pneumatic offering both a smooth ride and low rolling resistance.

What an amazing company Sunrise Medical is, they truly went above and beyond. Improving peoples lives is their mission statement and I can testify to that. Aloha

Sunrise Spinergy Donation20130703_133333


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