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Duke’s Surf Contest Training

I had an amazing training session at John Ross-Duggan’s yesterday for an upcoming Dukes surf contest in Waikiki. John is a legendary waterman who pioneered big wave charging for adaptive surfing. His sister Robin extended the generous opportunity of trying out and using Johns prototype surfboards and wetsuits for Dukes contest.


The surfboard was phenomenal and extremely high performance. The wetsuit offered extreme ease of movement and swimming too. We dialed in positioning and board transfers for wipeouts. There were experts and master waterman present who offered the greatest of knowledge and advice. I learned much that day and had so much fun. It was one of the most amazing days of my life!



Skydive Lu

I had an amazing time skydiving on Oahu’s north shore. I joined uncle Rich “Papa Dop” tandem instructor and good friend videographer Sean “Knox” Tillery for a fun filled day of laughs and adventure. We blew out a sic video for a dear friend of mine in Brazil.

The jump was phenomenal! We had a perfect exit and blasted out great shots in drogue freefall. Then I lost my Adidas Superstars out to sea in a high velocity flat spin. We regrouped to set up for the deployment shot. Under canopy uncle Rich let me fly his custom made high speed chute through a few tight turns and forward dives. We used a brand new harness that fit tighter in the hips and groin which caused different body positioning. My legs were positioned lower than normal. As we were in final approach I was unable to reach my legs to lift them up for landing. As we lurched forward I prepared for impact but we modified our approach and swooped in low to the ground while I shouted instructions to the ground crew. They ran along side us and picked my legs up and we flew perfectly into my wheelchair!

It was so much fun making decisions under the gun. I wouldn’t have it any other way! Best jump yet, can’t wait to go again.




Over The Edge an event for Special Olympics

I have an event coming up this November 2, 2013 at Sheraton Waikiki. It’s a charity event for Special Olympics Hawaii. I would love if you guys could check it out and help raise awareness for such an amazing charity! I am SCI wheelchair user and I will be rappelling down 31 stories!! Mahalo –


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