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Entrepreneurship Program

I started taking an Entrepreneurship Program at Kapiolani Community College. Its very convenient in that its a night class. I enjoy feeding my mind and thought it would be great to learn more about the business field.

I also wanted to keep my mind busy and started teaching myself Portuguese. I’m fascinated with Brasil and its culture.



Kakau: Traditional Hawaiian Tattooing

Kakau is the traditional Hawaiian way of tattooing and  offer’s healing both spiritually and physically. It is a way to channel our ancestors into us to offer guidance and strength in our lives and endeavors. The kakau are created with hammer and chisel type needle instruments. I was blessed with such an opportunity and am proud of my heritage. I will use my kakau to go forth and share aloha with the world.



Aloha Festival Parade in Waikiki

This past weekend there was the 67th Aloha Festival Floral Parade in Waikiki. The parade route went from Ala Moana Park through Waikiki ending at Kapiolani Park. There were a variety of floats, hula Halau and marching bands that performed. It was just awesome with so much beauty and radiant colors to be seen. The islands and various districts were represented well with floats and horseback riders.




Christopher Reeve Foundation Peer Mentor

The Christopher Reeve Foundation came to visit Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific this past week here in Honolulu to teach a class on  peer mentoring to a few of us that have been injured for a while. It was an amazing experience, Reeve taught us vital techniques on mentoring.

It was great to connect personally with key members from Reeve. Its such a great foundation and is the leading source of information on paralysis in the world. The twin flame logo the foundation uses has a beautiful meaning: one flame is Chris and is for a cure, the other flame is for Dana and represents a better way of life. Its beautiful what Dana said to Chris to change his view on life… “you’re still you, and I love you..”  



Duke’s Experience Clip

I compiled this great clip on my Dukes experience. Great Hawaiian music too! More pics and on board video soon! Henehene kou aka! Laughter is contagious..


New Mogo Wheelchair Frame

I’m very proud to say that I ride for Mogo Wheelchairs in Australia and am their first extreme athlete. We’re currently building custom frames for both an every day chair and a sports chair. We are fortunate enough to have quite a few sponsors contributing to these builds and will be painting their logos onto frames ala NASCAR style.

The frames are custom to my measurements with high double umbrella swoop booms for integrity, ride and light weight; and will have as little adjustable parts to cut down on weight. These chairs are going to look and ride insane! I can’t wait to get rolling on my custom Mogo wheelchairs!



Dukes Surf Fest 2013

The Dukes Ocean Fest this year was a phenomenal success. AccesSurf had an amazing array of talent for adaptive surfing divisions. I entered in the prone division and placed second overall. It was my second time ever surfing solo. I was afforded the amazing opportunity to ride the late John Ross-Duggan’s prototype “Banana board” and wet suit. I surfed ala John with duct tape across my chin for protection while paddling. John was a pioneer to adaptive surfing and an expert water-man.

My heat went well, I paddled strong and sat on the outside catching the biggest and longest rides. I got at least 6 good waves in my 30 min heat. I was able to load myself back on board almost entirely when I’d wipe out which is pretty amazing for a quadriplegic. It was a really great event and in the end everyone were winners! Aloha


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Dukes 2nd Place



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