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Wake Up Today KHON2 with Olena Hue

This morning KHON2 TV news anchor Olena Hue, invited me down for a live interview to catch up on my latest developments and to promote the Over The Edge rappel fundraiser for Special Olympics Hawaii.

I shared my brand new signature Extreme Sports chair with free floating rear axle and four link suspension. My latest sponsorship development with Mogo Wheelchairs and my drive for global advocacy. I also shared my reaching out to Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic to put me on the moon and be the first wheelchair to transverse the lunar surface and inspire humanity that anything is possible.  Aloha

Donation page:

Wake Up Today KHON2 TV

Wake Up Today KHON2 TV

Damon Boiser Extreme Sport Mogo Wheelchair

Damon Boiser Extreme Sport Mogo Wheelchair

Olena Hue - KHON2 News Anchor

Olena Hue – KHON2 News Anchor

Ron Mizutani - KHON News Anchor

Ron Mizutani – KHON News Anchor


The Damon Boiser Signature Wheelchair!!!

My signature Damon Boiser wheelchair’s, hand built by Mogo Wheelchairs in Australia, were hand delivered to me in Hawaii this week. I received my custom signature “Every Day” chair and my four link suspension  “Extreme Sport” chair. Mogo builds top of the line, state of the art, handmade custom wheelchairs.

I am an Extreme Athlete and team rider at Mogo. I perform extreme sports like: skydiving, rappelling in chair down skyscrapers, martial arts, and surfing, just to name a few. I am excited to utilize my Mogo chairs to advance the face of sports worldwide and improve excellence. Aloha

Day Chair









Extreme Sport chair

IMG_7709 (1)


Wheelchair Rappelling 31 Stories!!

On November 1st I’ll be rappelling 31 stories down Sheraton Waikiki Hotel to promote awareness and raise charity for Special Olympics Hawaii.  Please help donate to a beautiful cause and come on down after 2pm to watch my decent! Aloha

Event info here —> OVER THE EDGE



New Mobility Magazine: Damon Boiser

Damon Boiser dove into shallow water 10 years ago off the Big Island, the transition to life as a C6 quadriplegic was hard. But he was able to weather the adjustment by clinging to what had always pulled him through difficult times — his attitude. “I’ve always had an extremely upbeat and positive outlook, and during rehab and going home, my charisma never faltered. It’s always provided me an edge simply because its infectious.”

Article here — Still Hanging Ten

Damon Bosier


Low Altitude Exit

Hi! My names Damon Boiser and I’m an extremely high functioning quadriplegic. Heres me hopping out of sweet Chevy diesel rig!






Miraculous Paralyzed Muscle Return!

In 2003 I was paralyzed from the nipples down in a diving accident. Through weight training and an extreme athlete lifestyle I’ve found that my lower chest is starting to fire and redevelop. Anything is possible!!




Signature Damon Boiser Wheelchair’s

Here’s a sneak peek at my custom signature Mogo Wheelchair frames. They get me where I need to be in all my extreme sports. Team Mogo all the way!!





Rehab Management article I’m in

Rehab Management did an article on me about the Sunrise Medical Donation Program I was the recipient of last Spring. Sunrise is the maker of Quickie Wheelchairs; live life without limits.

Rehab Management Article here

Sunrise Spinergy Donation


Amazing day at the pool!

I had an amazing day of swimming at the pool. I learned many new adaptive techniques like how to dive into the pool from my wheelchair and even how to climb out of the pool!! Both very difficult if not impossible feats for a quadriplegic person.


Diving into pool:

Climbing out of pool:


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