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Beautiful Friends from Japan

Ten years ago in 2003 by chance I met Akihiko and Chiaki Aoki from Japan while visiting Hawaii in Haleiwa on Oahu’s North Shore. Akihiko was the first chair user I met in everyday life. Being new to my own injury he opened my eyes to the possibilities of my new life with demonstrating car transfers, the ability to drive, and travel abroad; and also at the option of marriage post injury.

Last week Akihiko and Chiaki returned for vacation here in Oahu and we had a lovely time together. We traveled back to Oahu’s North Shore for coffee and Matsumoto’s shave ice and beautiful sightseeing of beaches and surf. We also stopped at the center of the island to see the “Birth Stones”. It was amazing and very spiritual experience.

The following day we enjoyed dinner in Waikiki’s International Market Place. It was so wonderful to reconnect and I look forward to visiting Japan soon! Aloha 🙂




There is no Spoon..

As a wheelchair user, day to day life can be broken down to a series of steps for accomplishing simple tasks. Things become routine and the easiest quickest way to to do a thing is developed quickly to ease way of life.

This morning I brought my laptop out of bed to bring into the living room office to work and forgot my typing aid on the far side of the bed. I thought darn, I don’t want to transfer back in bed again… I had already gotten myself ready for the day and climbing back in bed would cause me to become disheveled and create more work.. more steps to complete, haha.

So I thought about it for a second I came up with a clever way to grasp the out of reach object..

“There is no spoon” – The Matrix 🙂

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