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Keynote Speaking at Future Fest

Molokai High has an amazing annual event named Future Fest. Numerous guest speakers are invited to give presentations on various and intriguing careers that the students may wish to consider as possible career choices. Everything from: Forest & Wildlife Preserve, to Fashion Design, to Fire Fighters, to Marine Research & Management, to Nursing and between, was offered in career presentations.

I had the amazing opportunity to be flown in and give the keynote presentation. I shared my story with the student body with hurdles I’ve overcome to accomplishments I’ve made, to impress upon and motivate the students that with “drive and passion for life, anything is possible…” ¬†

I felt the message was very well received. The students were surprised to see a wheelchair user as an extreme athlete and were inspired by things I’ve come to accomplish despite my injury. I enjoyed speaking with them in the school hallways and stopping to take occasional photographs throughout the day.

I’m very excited and honored to motivate these students at Molokai High and can’t wait to see what amazing accomplishments lies in their futures. Aloha


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