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Wonderful day Skydiving

Another wonderful day at Skydive Hawaii with tandem jump instructor Richard Dopplemayer aka “Papa Dop”. It was a beautiful sunny day with passing cloud cover.

On our load, they found a nice big puka or hole in the clouds for us to jump through. The view was amazing and freefall flight was epic.

I was able to strap my GoPro on my chest so that I could share our view of the jump. You can hear on the video when we are low enough to see my Mogo wheelchair for landing, and theres a cool picture below of us  targeting my chair on final approach.

The week before this, I was surfing and happened to meet the band Third Eye Blind. They were very nice and sincere guys. I wanted to put a beautiful relaxing song on my jump footage and used their song “The Background”, which we so happened to have a memorable conversation about at the beach.

Love life! Aloha

Richard Dopplemayer "Papa Dop"

Richard Dopplemayer “Papa Dop”


Final approach, my Mogo wheelchair is the farthest dot.

Final approach, my Mogo wheelchair is the farthest dot.



Oren Peri over Mokuleia

Oren Peri over Mokuleia


Forte Speakers Hawaii

Very excited and honored to team up with Forte Speakers & Forte Speakers Hawaii, an impressive roster of keynote and motivational speaker’s. Mahalo and imua Hawaii !

Thank you to all who helped make such fun adventures and all my awesome alumni that have given me the amazing opportunity to speak to their incredible haumana. Aloha10494912_1502866133260172_5575473381473029607_o


There is no Spoon..

As a wheelchair user, day to day life can be broken down to a series of steps for accomplishing simple tasks. Things become routine and the easiest quickest way to to do a thing is developed quickly to ease way of life.

This morning I brought my laptop out of bed to bring into the living room office to work and forgot my typing aid on the far side of the bed. I thought darn, I don’t want to transfer back in bed again… I had already gotten myself ready for the day and climbing back in bed would cause me to become disheveled and create more work.. more steps to complete, haha.

So I thought about it for a second I came up with a clever way to grasp the out of reach object..

“There is no spoon” – The Matrix 🙂

Can Do! MidWeek Cover Story on Damon Boiser

Here’s an amazing MidWeek Magazine cover story on me, written by Chad Pata. Aloha – Damon

Check it out here:


Duke’s Experience Clip

I compiled this great clip on my Dukes experience. Great Hawaiian music too! More pics and on board video soon! Henehene kou aka! Laughter is contagious..

Dukes Surf Fest 2013

The Dukes Ocean Fest this year was a phenomenal success. AccesSurf had an amazing array of talent for adaptive surfing divisions. I entered in the prone division and placed second overall. It was my second time ever surfing solo. I was afforded the amazing opportunity to ride the late John Ross-Duggan’s prototype “Banana board” and wet suit. I surfed ala John with duct tape across my chin for protection while paddling. John was a pioneer to adaptive surfing and an expert water-man.

My heat went well, I paddled strong and sat on the outside catching the biggest and longest rides. I got at least 6 good waves in my 30 min heat. I was able to load myself back on board almost entirely when I’d wipe out which is pretty amazing for a quadriplegic. It was a really great event and in the end everyone were winners! Aloha


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Dukes 2nd Place



Duke’s Surf Contest Training

I had an amazing training session at John Ross-Duggan’s yesterday for an upcoming Dukes surf contest in Waikiki. John is a legendary waterman who pioneered big wave charging for adaptive surfing. His sister Robin extended the generous opportunity of trying out and using Johns prototype surfboards and wetsuits for Dukes contest.


The surfboard was phenomenal and extremely high performance. The wetsuit offered extreme ease of movement and swimming too. We dialed in positioning and board transfers for wipeouts. There were experts and master waterman present who offered the greatest of knowledge and advice. I learned much that day and had so much fun. It was one of the most amazing days of my life!


Surf Day

IMAG1247I had an amazing day at AccesSurf, a non-prophit organization that  empowers people with disabilities by providing adaptive surfing instruction and therapeutic educational programs on water recreation and enriches lives by helping families to access the beach and ocean in a barrier free environment. The beach day is held every first Saturday of the month at White Plains Beach, Kalaeloa HI.

I was able to get in the water and swim for a bit with the help of a beach wheelchair and friendly volunteers. There were small waves making the ocean a little choppy but it felt great being in the ocean again. I haven’t been swimming in the ocean for a few years and have mostly been swimming in pools. After swimming I transferred back into the beach wheelchair with large balloon tires for negotiating the sand and was helped back to the tents to get a surfboard.

I paired up with a volunteer and we paddled out together. It felt great to catch a few waves, something I always miss. Growing up here in Hawaii I’ve surfed most every day of my life until my accident. I caught a few waves from the outside all the way to shore then went in to take a break. After getting some food and drinks I paddled back out for a couple more waves before heading back home.

It was such a great day meeting wonderful people and hanging out with friends. I’m looking forward to next months first Saturday event! Aloha


Exciting Day!

Lots of exciting things starting to pick up for me. I was able to reconnect with an old friend involved with Adaptive Canoe Paddling, Pure Light Racing, and am looking forward to checking it out this upcoming weekend. I’m excited to connect with peers and see the kinds of things they are up to as well. Also looking forward to getting back involved with AccesSurf, a program for people with disabilities, and getting them back in the water for surfing adventures. I’ve participated in the past but its been a while since I’ve surfed. Super stoked!

I had a fun time in Sports Authority taking advantage of the Presidents Day sales while I geared up for my upcoming water adventures. While there a clerk cracked me up when I asked if they carried the type of Adidas I was wearing. Without missing a beat they said, “we’re out of SuperStars”. The friend I was with cracked up too and told me, “Wow Damon, you’re a Super Star and you wear SuperStar’s?” Haha!! Shenanigans!!

I also had a great meeting about housing opportunities and how I have been hand selected to pilot and pioneer a brand new program. Housing as well as job placement are integrated. The program works with landlords so the housing is better. And the job placement is essential for making ends meet. This program isn’t usually available to disabled recipients and I would be paving the way for future potential clients. Very exciting!


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