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Lets Make A Band

Boom! Who wants to be in the band? I’m thinking Deftones meets Rage meets Fear Factory. Blast beat double bass with singing and gargling drywall screws vocals. Lets sub it out with powered sub woofers! Detuned

Avenged Sevenfold is coming to Hawaii soon and is gonna need an opening act at Blaisdell.  Get at me via facebook: Damon Boiser

Lets make it happen! Aloha – Damon



ADMX: Air Division Moto

A new sport is here for extreme wheelers that take to the sky and its called ADMX. Air Division Moto is an acronym that I came up with for these types of sports as we push the boundaries into the unknown, accomplishing feats that aren’t mainstream or in most cases haven’t even done before.

Here you can check out Mogo Wheelchairs ADMX rider Damon going Over The Edge 40 stories for Special Olympics Hawaii as he sponsors their Athlete program. Hosted by The Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort this event is held annually for SOH.

Stay tunes as fun times in skydiving, Offroad 4×4 Wheelchairing, windtunnel body flying to name a few are explored. Mahalo to all who support dreams like these. Much aloha

Mahalo nui!

Mahalo nui!


New Mogo Wheelchair Frame

I’m very proud to say that I ride for Mogo Wheelchairs in Australia and am their first extreme athlete. We’re currently building custom frames for both an every day chair and a sports chair. We are fortunate enough to have quite a few sponsors contributing to these builds and will be painting their logos onto frames ala NASCAR style.

The frames are custom to my measurements with high double umbrella swoop booms for integrity, ride and light weight; and will have as little adjustable parts to cut down on weight. These chairs are going to look and ride insane! I can’t wait to get rolling on my custom Mogo wheelchairs!


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