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Quadriplegic Athlete Damon Boiser Says ‘Aloha’ to Limitations

Great talking with the guys at Purpose 2 Play. Check out their site for more amazing action sports features. Mahalo for the cool article.




Beautiful Day Swimming With Sharks

I had one of the most beautiful days in my life! It was an amazing day on the north shore of Oahu, perfect weather for a long time dream. The boat ride 3 miles offshore was breathtaking.

Upon reaching the dive location the boat idled for a bit, the sound of the diesel engines attracting the sharks to the surface. The metallic boat hull and propellers also give off electricity that’s attractive to these graceful creatures. I learned later that our bodies give off energy that the cage only amplifies which also attracts sharks.

As I sat at the edge of the boat preparing to descend into the cage I could see thru the crystalline waters a shark swimming directly below the cage. Much to my surprise seeing these amazing creatures underwater and up close was very peaceful. They swim with such a grace thats truly amazing. It was such a beautiful time and I look forward to continuing my relationship with life’s beauty. – Aloha




Shark Cage Dive

Wheelchair Rappelling 31 Stories!!

On November 1st I’ll be rappelling 31 stories down Sheraton Waikiki Hotel to promote awareness and raise charity for Special Olympics Hawaii.  Please help donate to a beautiful cause and come on down after 2pm to watch my decent! Aloha

Event info here —> OVER THE EDGE



Kakau: Traditional Hawaiian Tattooing

Kakau is the traditional Hawaiian way of tattooing and  offer’s healing both spiritually and physically. It is a way to channel our ancestors into us to offer guidance and strength in our lives and endeavors. The kakau are created with hammer and chisel type needle instruments. I was blessed with such an opportunity and am proud of my heritage. I will use my kakau to go forth and share aloha with the world.



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