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Lets Make A Band

Boom! Who wants to be in the band? I’m thinking Deftones meets Rage meets Fear Factory. Blast beat double bass with singing and gargling drywall screws vocals. Lets sub it out with powered sub woofers! Detuned

Avenged Sevenfold is coming to Hawaii soon and is gonna need an opening act at Blaisdell.  Get at me via facebook: Damon Boiser

Lets make it happen! Aloha – Damon



Deftones Concert in Hawaii!!

Last nights Deftones concert at The Republik in Honolulu was amazing! It my first time seeing them play live. The event was packed and I was right up front. Right off the bat during the opening act, a guy came flying backwards out of the mosh pit at me. I unlocked my brakes to absorb the impact and lowered my shoulder and took a shot! It was awesome. The security at the event were very cool too. They gave me VIP treatment by shielding guys away from me and even taking my phone back stage for a couple photos. Very cool braddah’s! I moshed out and head banged so hard my neck and back were sore afterwards. The Deftones played a great set playing new songs as well as the older tunes. Such a great night!

Deftones in Honolulu 2013

Deftones in Honolulu 2013

Waikiki Comedy Show, Karate Prevents a Fall from Wheelchair!

Holy moly I had so much fun last night! I went to the Waikiki Outrigger Hotel to see a Comedy Show with local comics Augie T. and Andy Bumatai. The comedy show was great! I also charged it transversing Waikiki. When I came across stairs, I just spun around and charge down backwards with some help from a friend. I found an escalator to try going down but it turned to be too narrow, not ADA haha. At the end of the night I caught the elevator to the upper level of the parking structure and wheelchair surfed, zig zagging down the drive to the car.  On a flat portion of cement, a friend and I practiced moshing moves for the upcoming Deftones concert this week. We interlocked arms and did the Celtic Punk spin. It was badazz!!

Also it was very cool to make use of my Shotokan Karate skills today. While transferring out of car to chair and rolling away, I reached back behind me to shut the car door and I misjudged its weight. I lost my balance and went diving sideways over my tire, I was going down! But I was able to tighten my trunk a little and rely on reflexes to grab onto my chair and regain balance to avoid falling. Cobra…wait for it..Kai…Dojo!! 🙂 – Aloha

At the Comedy Show with Augie T.

At the Comedy Show with Augie T.


Deftones in Hawaii!!

Yay!! The day has come when I will finally get to see one of my favorite bands play live. I originally learned about the Deftones in the late nineties while shopping in a grocery store in Kona on the Big Island. I was in the magazine section and as it turned out, the late Chi Cheng’s family was vacationing and also shopping in this store. Chi’s sister Mae was looking thru magazines for an article on her brothers band. We chatted briefly and she told me about Deftones and how they were on tour in Europe. It was on her recommendation that I went out and bought Around the Fur and I’ve been a fan ever since! In these recent years I’ve become dear friends with their wonderful mother Jeanne Cheng.

Deftones will be playing here on Oahu at The Republik on June 2nd, 2013. It’s going to be SIC!!! I’m hoping to do some crowd surfing in my chair !!




Rehab Peer Counseling and Dime to Chi

I had the wonderful opportunity today to go a meet a few SCI individuals at Rehab and offer peer support. It has been ten years since my own stay at Rehab and many memories came rushing back of my first few months of being newly injured. The group I got to meet looked great! They were very curious about life post rehab once reintegrated into the society and also shared their concerns. I offered my own experiences and the ways that I’ve transitioned into my own injury. It was a great experience and I look forward to going back and furthering our relationships.

I also had the wonderful opportunity to help out someone recently who happens to be a hero of my own. Chi Cheng of the band Deftones was injured a few years ago as well and is still on his path to recovery. I happen to have the chance meeting with his parents and sisters while they were on vacation in the late nineties in Kailua Kona, HI. Over the years I’ve kept in touch with Chi’s mom, Jeanne. Being a successful musician also equates to having to foot the bill for medical costs. I really wanted to help in some way but didn’t have the means. Then I thought of a really special guitar I have. Its an autographed Dimebag Darrell and I wanted to give it to Chi so he could auction it off. I’m so thankful to Jeanne for the opportunity to help. I hope a bit of aloha can help Chi. He’s so blessed and lucky to have such an amazing family. One Love for Chi!


Shipping Dime to Chi..

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