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Jumping from airplanes and into shark-infested waters. Just another day for a wheelchair rider…


Reunion With Great Friends

Eleven years ago by chance, I met dear friends on the north shore of Oahu. Since then we have reunited often, finding many beautiful adventures together.

This year after a quick tire repair and yummy malasada pastries, we returned to Haleiwa on Oahu’s north shore to enjoy some delicious huli huli chicken with pineapple coleslaw. After lunch we wandered down the road to enjoy shave ice at Matsumoto’s. It hit the spot on such a hot day.

On the way home, we explored Dole Plantation and enjoyed pineapple ice cream.

The next day we drove to Keaiwa Heiau and also to Izumo Shrine. Both were breath taking! After exploring the Chinese Cultural Plaza we went on to Ala Moana to meet up with a friend for lunch. While finding our way to the restaurant we happened to see sumo Grand Yokozuna, Konishiki!

Lunch was great and we discovered that we were all the same level of spinal cord injury. So we instantly formed Team C6!

When leaving the mall parking lot we accidently forgot a wheelchair sliding transfer board only to return several hours later to find it in the exact same spot in the parking stall. There is so much aloha in Hawaii.

It was so wonderful to visit again and am already looking forward to more adventures with my beautiful friends from across the sea. – Aloha

Izumo Shrine

Izumo Shrine

Team C6

Team C6

Keaiwa Heiau

Keaiwa Heiau

Beautiful Friends from Japan

Ten years ago in 2003 by chance I met Akihiko and Chiaki Aoki from Japan while visiting Hawaii in Haleiwa on Oahu’s North Shore. Akihiko was the first chair user I met in everyday life. Being new to my own injury he opened my eyes to the possibilities of my new life with demonstrating car transfers, the ability to drive, and travel abroad; and also at the option of marriage post injury.

Last week Akihiko and Chiaki returned for vacation here in Oahu and we had a lovely time together. We traveled back to Oahu’s North Shore for coffee and Matsumoto’s shave ice and beautiful sightseeing of beaches and surf. We also stopped at the center of the island to see the “Birth Stones”. It was amazing and very spiritual experience.

The following day we enjoyed dinner in Waikiki’s International Market Place. It was so wonderful to reconnect and I look forward to visiting Japan soon! Aloha 🙂



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