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Jumping from airplanes and into shark-infested waters. Just another day for a wheelchair rider…


Beautiful Day Swimming With Sharks

I had one of the most beautiful days in my life! It was an amazing day on the north shore of Oahu, perfect weather for a long time dream. The boat ride 3 miles offshore was breathtaking.

Upon reaching the dive location the boat idled for a bit, the sound of the diesel engines attracting the sharks to the surface. The metallic boat hull and propellers also give off electricity that’s attractive to these graceful creatures. I learned later that our bodies give off energy that the cage only amplifies which also attracts sharks.

As I sat at the edge of the boat preparing to descend into the cage I could see thru the crystalline waters a shark swimming directly below the cage. Much to my surprise seeing these amazing creatures underwater and up close was very peaceful. They swim with such a grace thats truly amazing. It was such a beautiful time and I look forward to continuing my relationship with life’s beauty. – Aloha




Shark Cage Dive

Forte Speakers Hawaii

Very excited and honored to team up with Forte Speakers & Forte Speakers Hawaii, an impressive roster of keynote and motivational speaker’s. Mahalo and imua Hawaii !

Thank you to all who helped make such fun adventures and all my awesome alumni that have given me the amazing opportunity to speak to their incredible haumana. Aloha10494912_1502866133260172_5575473381473029607_o



Keynote Speaking at Future Fest

Molokai High has an amazing annual event named Future Fest. Numerous guest speakers are invited to give presentations on various and intriguing careers that the students may wish to consider as possible career choices. Everything from: Forest & Wildlife Preserve, to Fashion Design, to Fire Fighters, to Marine Research & Management, to Nursing and between, was offered in career presentations.

I had the amazing opportunity to be flown in and give the keynote presentation. I shared my story with the student body with hurdles I’ve overcome to accomplishments I’ve made, to impress upon and motivate the students that with “drive and passion for life, anything is possible…”  

I felt the message was very well received. The students were surprised to see a wheelchair user as an extreme athlete and were inspired by things I’ve come to accomplish despite my injury. I enjoyed speaking with them in the school hallways and stopping to take occasional photographs throughout the day.

I’m very excited and honored to motivate these students at Molokai High and can’t wait to see what amazing accomplishments lies in their futures. Aloha



There is no Spoon..

As a wheelchair user, day to day life can be broken down to a series of steps for accomplishing simple tasks. Things become routine and the easiest quickest way to to do a thing is developed quickly to ease way of life.

This morning I brought my laptop out of bed to bring into the living room office to work and forgot my typing aid on the far side of the bed. I thought darn, I don’t want to transfer back in bed again… I had already gotten myself ready for the day and climbing back in bed would cause me to become disheveled and create more work.. more steps to complete, haha.

So I thought about it for a second I came up with a clever way to grasp the out of reach object..

“There is no spoon” – The Matrix 🙂


Rock n Roll! Guitar Medley

I gave geetar playing a second try tonight  since being injured 11 years ago and boy was it fun! I kinda have to figure everything out right on the spot and by ear since I don’t have a guitar of my own to practice on at home.

Tonight I got to try a Mesa Boogie: Dual Rectifier, for the first time. It sounded great! I’m looking forward to getting my own rig soon! Aloha, Damon

Guitar medley:

Rock n Roll Baby!

Rock n Roll Baby!


Advancing Disabled Health Care Nationwide

I had an amazing interview via teleconference with United Healthcare this morning. It was high tech, there was a handler/mediator, and two separate writers for individual health related media outlets all online. We consulted on transitioning with disability and securing independence, as well as contributing to society. We’re gonna help a lot of people across the nation.. Aloha



Oiwi TV – Life On The Edge

Beautiful piece ‘Iwalani Kuali’i-Kaho’ohanohano of Oiwi TV did on my 31 story rappel down Sheraton Waikiki to support  Special Olympics Hawaii. The article also highlights a few other projects I’ve been up to. Please check it out! Aloha Damon

Watch here:

Life On The Edge!



OHA Entrepreneurship Class Graduation

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs or simply OHA, has an entrepreneurship course they offer to educate on opportunities of becoming a local business owner here in Hawaii. This semester was taught at Kapiolani Community College, KCC instructed by Julie Percell. Here is the graduating class of FALL 2013 semester. Julie is an amazing instructor and such a valuable expert resource to Hawaii.

Below is the graduating class and a link to my graduation presentation. Aloha

My graduation presentation:

KCC OHA Entrepreneurship Class FALL 2013

KCC OHA Entrepreneurship Class FALL 2013


School Guest Speaker

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to speak at a middle school here in Hawaii. I shared my story with 8th graders and explained how drive and passion for life can push our boundaries to make the most of ourselves. I also touched on how important it is to establish a strong sense of community and how in life we are always a part of a whole.

The students were attentive and very interactive with great questions! All in all the message was well received. They were able to relate it to their own lives very well. Yay, success!!

After speaking we had great one on one time. Students approached me for handshakes and photos. I was very much inspired by each and every student as well. Its so exciting to see the future of tomorrow!



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