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Lets Make A Band

Boom! Who wants to be in the band? I’m thinking Deftones meets Rage meets Fear Factory. Blast beat double bass with singing and gargling drywall screws vocals. Lets sub it out with powered sub woofers! Detuned

Avenged Sevenfold is coming to Hawaii soon and is gonna need an opening act at Blaisdell.  Get at me via facebook: Damon Boiser

Lets make it happen! Aloha – Damon



Plane To Ground Transfer

Yesterday I woke up to a beautiful sunny day and thought what a great day for a jump at Skydive Hawaii. It was epic conditions, blue skies and perfect winds.

I had such a fun jump. We exited forward, somersaulting into freefall.  While burning a hole in the sky at 120 mph I practiced body positioning and left and right turns. After deploying chute I practiced some canopy work too. Thank you so much Brett Martin! Another awesome day at Skydive Hawaii.

Targeting my MOGO wheelchair

Targeting my MOGO wheelchair

MidWeek Magazine Is So Awesome!

MidWeek magazine is so awesome! They recently featured me as their cover story in their “Can Do” article. Today they sent me out a framed picture of my cover. Thank you so much! So much aloha.. You can read the amazing article by Chad Pata here —> Can Do! – Damon Boiser




Rock n Roll! Guitar Medley

I gave geetar playing a second try tonight  since being injured 11 years ago and boy was it fun! I kinda have to figure everything out right on the spot and by ear since I don’t have a guitar of my own to practice on at home.

Tonight I got to try a Mesa Boogie: Dual Rectifier, for the first time. It sounded great! I’m looking forward to getting my own rig soon! Aloha, Damon

Guitar medley:

Rock n Roll Baby!

Rock n Roll Baby!


Advancing Disabled Health Care Nationwide

I had an amazing interview via teleconference with United Healthcare this morning. It was high tech, there was a handler/mediator, and two separate writers for individual health related media outlets all online. We consulted on transitioning with disability and securing independence, as well as contributing to society. We’re gonna help a lot of people across the nation.. Aloha



Playing Guitar First Time Since Injury!!

I played guitar tonight for the first time in 12 years since my injury! And it was at the store I bought my first guitar from, Island Guitars 🙂 – Scumgrief by Fear Factory.



Can Do! MidWeek Cover Story on Damon Boiser

Here’s an amazing MidWeek Magazine cover story on me, written by Chad Pata. Aloha – Damon

Check it out here:



Oiwi TV – Life On The Edge

Beautiful piece ‘Iwalani Kuali’i-Kaho’ohanohano of Oiwi TV did on my 31 story rappel down Sheraton Waikiki to support  Special Olympics Hawaii. The article also highlights a few other projects I’ve been up to. Please check it out! Aloha Damon

Watch here:

Life On The Edge!



I was covered by 3 News Stations in one Night!

I was covered by four news channels this week; KHON, KFVE, KHNL, and KGMB. Three stations aired footage of my OVER THE EDGE rappel last night. This was for a Special Olympics Hawaii fundraiser I participated in.

The view was breath taking… I saw turtles swimming.. I blew kisses to the cheering crowd below. I was very inspired by all who participated! Anything is possible..


Media personality Jennifer Robbin’s shared this link with me. Please enjoy!


Wake Up Today KHON2 with Olena Hue

This morning KHON2 TV news anchor Olena Hue, invited me down for a live interview to catch up on my latest developments and to promote the Over The Edge rappel fundraiser for Special Olympics Hawaii.

I shared my brand new signature Extreme Sports chair with free floating rear axle and four link suspension. My latest sponsorship development with Mogo Wheelchairs and my drive for global advocacy. I also shared my reaching out to Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic to put me on the moon and be the first wheelchair to transverse the lunar surface and inspire humanity that anything is possible.  Aloha

Donation page:

Wake Up Today KHON2 TV

Wake Up Today KHON2 TV

Damon Boiser Extreme Sport Mogo Wheelchair

Damon Boiser Extreme Sport Mogo Wheelchair

Olena Hue - KHON2 News Anchor

Olena Hue – KHON2 News Anchor

Ron Mizutani - KHON News Anchor

Ron Mizutani – KHON News Anchor

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