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Quadriplegic Athlete Damon Boiser Says ‘Aloha’ to Limitations

Great talking with the guys at Purpose 2 Play. Check out their site for more amazing action sports features. Mahalo for the cool article.




Beautiful Day Swimming With Sharks

I had one of the most beautiful days in my life! It was an amazing day on the north shore of Oahu, perfect weather for a long time dream. The boat ride 3 miles offshore was breathtaking.

Upon reaching the dive location the boat idled for a bit, the sound of the diesel engines attracting the sharks to the surface. The metallic boat hull and propellers also give off electricity that’s attractive to these graceful creatures. I learned later that our bodies give off energy that the cage only amplifies which also attracts sharks.

As I sat at the edge of the boat preparing to descend into the cage I could see thru the crystalline waters a shark swimming directly below the cage. Much to my surprise seeing these amazing creatures underwater and up close was very peaceful. They swim with such a grace thats truly amazing. It was such a beautiful time and I look forward to continuing my relationship with life’s beauty. – Aloha




Shark Cage Dive

Miraculous Paralyzed Muscle Return!

In 2003 I was paralyzed from the nipples down in a diving accident. Through weight training and an extreme athlete lifestyle I’ve found that my lower chest is starting to fire and redevelop. Anything is possible!!




Signature Damon Boiser Wheelchair’s

Here’s a sneak peek at my custom signature Mogo Wheelchair frames. They get me where I need to be in all my extreme sports. Team Mogo all the way!!




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