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Lets Make A Band

Boom! Who wants to be in the band? I’m thinking Deftones meets Rage meets Fear Factory. Blast beat double bass with singing and gargling drywall screws vocals. Lets sub it out with powered sub woofers! Detuned

Avenged Sevenfold is coming to Hawaii soon and is gonna need an opening act at Blaisdell.  Get at me via facebook: Damon Boiser

Lets make it happen! Aloha – Damon



ADMX: Air Division Moto

A new sport is here for extreme wheelers that take to the sky and its called ADMX. Air Division Moto is an acronym that I came up with for these types of sports as we push the boundaries into the unknown, accomplishing feats that aren’t mainstream or in most cases haven’t even done before.

Here you can check out Mogo Wheelchairs ADMX rider Damon going Over The Edge 40 stories for Special Olympics Hawaii as he sponsors their Athlete program. Hosted by The Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort this event is held annually for SOH.

Stay tunes as fun times in skydiving, Offroad 4×4 Wheelchairing, windtunnel body flying to name a few are explored. Mahalo to all who support dreams like these. Much aloha

Mahalo nui!

Mahalo nui!


Beautiful Day Swimming With Sharks

I had one of the most beautiful days in my life! It was an amazing day on the north shore of Oahu, perfect weather for a long time dream. The boat ride 3 miles offshore was breathtaking.

Upon reaching the dive location the boat idled for a bit, the sound of the diesel engines attracting the sharks to the surface. The metallic boat hull and propellers also give off electricity that’s attractive to these graceful creatures. I learned later that our bodies give off energy that the cage only amplifies which also attracts sharks.

As I sat at the edge of the boat preparing to descend into the cage I could see thru the crystalline waters a shark swimming directly below the cage. Much to my surprise seeing these amazing creatures underwater and up close was very peaceful. They swim with such a grace thats truly amazing. It was such a beautiful time and I look forward to continuing my relationship with life’s beauty. – Aloha




Shark Cage Dive


There is no Spoon..

As a wheelchair user, day to day life can be broken down to a series of steps for accomplishing simple tasks. Things become routine and the easiest quickest way to to do a thing is developed quickly to ease way of life.

This morning I brought my laptop out of bed to bring into the living room office to work and forgot my typing aid on the far side of the bed. I thought darn, I don’t want to transfer back in bed again… I had already gotten myself ready for the day and climbing back in bed would cause me to become disheveled and create more work.. more steps to complete, haha.

So I thought about it for a second I came up with a clever way to grasp the out of reach object..

“There is no spoon” – The Matrix 🙂


Rock n Roll! Guitar Medley

I gave geetar playing a second try tonight  since being injured 11 years ago and boy was it fun! I kinda have to figure everything out right on the spot and by ear since I don’t have a guitar of my own to practice on at home.

Tonight I got to try a Mesa Boogie: Dual Rectifier, for the first time. It sounded great! I’m looking forward to getting my own rig soon! Aloha, Damon

Guitar medley:

Rock n Roll Baby!

Rock n Roll Baby!


Low Altitude Exit

Hi! My names Damon Boiser and I’m an extremely high functioning quadriplegic. Heres me hopping out of sweet Chevy diesel rig!






Rehab Management article I’m in

Rehab Management did an article on me about the Sunrise Medical Donation Program I was the recipient of last Spring. Sunrise is the maker of Quickie Wheelchairs; live life without limits.

Rehab Management Article here

Sunrise Spinergy Donation


Amazing day at the pool!

I had an amazing day of swimming at the pool. I learned many new adaptive techniques like how to dive into the pool from my wheelchair and even how to climb out of the pool!! Both very difficult if not impossible feats for a quadriplegic person.


Diving into pool:

Climbing out of pool:



Over The Edge an event for Special Olympics

I have an event coming up this November 2, 2013 at Sheraton Waikiki. It’s a charity event for Special Olympics Hawaii. I would love if you guys could check it out and help raise awareness for such an amazing charity! I am SCI wheelchair user and I will be rappelling down 31 stories!! Mahalo –



Mogo Team Rider

I have the amazing honor and privilege to announce that I am now riding for Mogo Wheelchairs. They are an amazing custom shop in Australia. I’ve admired their chairs for some time now. I had the most exciting call with owner Leon Callahan. We talked ideas and my future plans, and also concepts for my custom Team chair. I’m so excited to ride for Mogo and especially to establish an international connection. Disabilities are global and I’m excited to connect with the world. Thank you Mogo for your consideration and this amazing opportunity!! — After speaking, Leon shot me a potential logo for my signature chair and asked me to share my wildest ideas I’d like to see in a chair! Such an amazing company!

Damon Logo 

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